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G-SIS Integrations cPlc. has partners both in Hungary and abroad. OWith our extensive network of partners - who are both experienced and respected members of the market – we work to provide the highest quality to our customers…
We are commited to quality, continuous business improvement, and new job creation.
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Our Values

The All for One! means, we...

...respect each other.
...are equal partners.
…always play in the same team.
Our Values

Trust means for us, that we …

...we can always count on each other.
...are always aware of our responsibilities.
...always give place to individual, innovative ideas and action.
Our Values

The Responsibility means, we …

...stand up for each other.
...take responsibility for our successes, and for our failures as well.
Our Values

The Innovation and Improvement means, we ...

...provide a place for new conceptions.
Our Values

The Vocation means we ...

...walk hand in hand on the road to success.
...act consciously and proactively as partners.
Our Values

Quality means, we...

... always provide the best quality.
... design our products for long time.
... strive for long-lasting success.
We always put the Customer first

Why G-SIS?


Think forward

Impossible is just another task for us: our colleagues are always monitor our customers need, wishes, and do all the necessary to solve the issue.
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Trust Us!

We support customers to reach their goals! As an experienced, competent cooperative, we provide outstanding solution standards, considering the deadlines, and all the commitment we take.
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Continuous improvement

We continuously improve and expand our colleague’s knowledge and we are committed to high-end solutions.
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Responsible for each other

We aware that we have great responsibility to society and to the environment. Sustainability is part of our everyday lives, we pay attention to it in all of our development, and improvement.
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All for One!

We always keep an eye on to make our solutions always time-, resource- and cost efficient to our customers.
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We are your partners!

With us, the partnership not only lasts from the beginning to the end of the project, we provide support to our clients from the idea, and we also participate in project follow-up evaluations. Our long-term business relationships prove our positive, productive, and economic expertise.
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We always put the customer first. We take care our customers, and continuously seek their needs to improve our services, and suggest new methods, solutions. We handle all jobs with the same significance.
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Core Business Activities


Inventory management, material handling, packaging, logistics activities

  • Handling of raw, and semi-finished goods, for production, quantity and quality check, warehousing
  • Goods handling, inventory control
  • Semi-finished goods, component movement between the production plants
  • Semi-finished goods, trainchasis, component packaging, loading
  • Mark all goods, with item number, in cooperation with STADLER Group

Facility Management

  • Building operation, Infrastructure operation (operation, maintenance, repair)
  • Investment support solution (engineer, consultancy, implementation support)
  • Technology operations (strategic equipment, small tools, daily routines)
  • Incident ticketing handling, material management, warehousing, material movement
  • Detailed, regular and ad-hoc reporting
  • Process improvement

Motortrain maintenance and repair

  • Full software maintenance support solution for the electric motor trains
  • Complete passenger information system maintenance and repair solution
  • Mileage based major examination, repair and refurbishment
  • In cooperation with STADLE-, and MÁV-Group

Electric motortrains customer comfort level upgrade

  • Time sync between train’s systems
  • Customer information system upgrade
  • Security CCTV installation
  • Logistic solution, train management
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Color-, and appearance standardization, in cooperation with STADLER-, and MÁV-Group

Real estate and tourism business development

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Operational advice
  • Development concept, project management, implementation
  • Market launch (pre-opening)
  • Benchmarking
  • Networking management
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Mystery shopping
  • We help where needed


    Logistic solutions

    • Specialist, Expert Team recruitment
    • Complete HR management
    • Process solutions, matching to the production processes
    • Time-, Resource-, Cost efficient controls

    Facility Management solutions

    • Specialist, Expert Team recruitment
    • Complete HR management
    • Process solutions, matching to the production processes
    • Time-, Resource-, Cost efficient controls

    Project management

    • Preparation of technical specification from the guideline
    • Technical quality assurance

    System integration

    • Standalone process development
    • Software integration
    • Business Activity Monitoring

    Human Resources consultancy

    • Labor-market and company process overview, recommendation
    • Career planning decision support
    • Workforce Management support
    • Detailed reporting

    Organization maintenance and development

    • Consultancy
    • Improvement methodology consulting
    • Organizational audit
    • Project audit
    • Development process, design, audit, conversion, monitoring
    • Development tools, selection, implementation, integration
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